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The Three Costly Mistakes You Should Never Make After a Car Crash

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

A simple mistake after your accident could have huge impacts on your personal injury claim. The last thing you (or we) would want is for you to make a seemingly small mistake that hurts your chance of being fairly compensated for your injuries. There are three rules Attorney Dana Adkins tells her clients to follow after a car accident.

1. Be cautious when posting on social media. Most of us realize that one misguided post on social media can curtail your entire personal injury claim. However, if you continue to post as if nothing happened, it may make it hard to claim your injuries have turned your life upside down. It’s also important to know that posts or messages that you think are private or even deleted can usually be discovered by the other side in your case.

2. Use caution when discussing your car wreck with others. Of course your family, friends and coworkers are going to ask about your car wreck. Just remember that anyone can be deposed and forced to answer questions about what you said and did in the days and weeks after your car wreck. It is also important that you do not speak to any insurance adjuster without talking to your attorney about it first. This includes the adjuster for your own insurance company and even your own insurance agent. Of course, you should always tell your attorney the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Go to every medical appointment and follow your doctor’s advice. After a car wreck, it is absolutely crucial that you go to every doctor appointment and follow your doctor’s advice! Failing to do so will likely raise questions about whether or not you were actually hurt. It could dramatically reduce the value of your claim or even stand in the way of you being compensated for your injuries at all.

Attorney Dana Adkins and the team at Palmetto State Personal Injury Lawyers want to help victims of car accidents receive the compensation they deserve.

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