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New Cars Are Safer, but Women Still Most Likely to Suffer Injury or Death in a Car Crash

Women are at a much higher risk of fatality and injuries in car crashes than men. Consider these statistics:

A new report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) indicates this gap is narrowing as automobiles become safer for women drivers and front-seat passengers. The report shows fatality risk for female versus male front row occupants in 2010- 2020 model vehicles is 6.3%, while it is almost three times that at 18.3% in older model vehicles (1960 - 2009). For vehicles within model years 2015-2020, the disparity closed even further, coming in at 2.9%, the report said.

The advance is largely attributed to both advances in technology, as well as to the inclusion of female crash test dummies in both frontal and side barrier crashworthiness testing in recent years. Newer generations of cars are equipped with dual air bags, which significantly reduce the fatality risk for women in car crashes, according to the NHTSA report. Newer cars also have more advanced seat belts, which further reduces the risk to women, the report said. It is also believed the inclusion of crash test dummies representing the average female body has lead automakers to design vehicles targeted to protect the typically smaller female stature.

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