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The Surprising Things Our Firm Has in Common with LeBron James

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

I just listened to a meditation series by LeBron James on the Calm app titled “A Champion’s Mindset.” LeBron told a story about practicing one summer when a friend walked by. The friend asked LeBron if he was getting ready for the season and LeBron replied - “The season? I’m getting ready for the championship.” This is my mindset when I accept a case.

From day one, I work with my team to put together a game plan. From that day forward, our concentration is on the goal and our strategy. I constantly think about how to put my client in a position to be successful. Like LeBron, I believe the preparation matters more than the competition. My team and I put in the work, with an expectation that we’re going to win.

For me, showtime is trial. I step into the big game with confidence and composure. I bring every ounce of my energy to the task at hand. Every last scrap of my skill, knowledge and ability. I take everything I’ve learned, everything I’ve got and pour it into winning my client’s case. I am prepared and I am ready. It’s showtime.

I give every client my personal cell phone number, because their case is as important to me as anything else that I might have going on. If you have been hurt in a car accident, in a slip and fall accident, or at work call or text me at (843) 330-7687 to see how my team and I can help.

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