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A rising tide lifts all the boats.

John F. Kennedy

Attorney Referrals: Legal Resources

Why You Should Partner with Dana Adkins Personal Injury Law Firm

Dana cherishes the relationship she has with other members of the bar.  She has proudly built long-term relationships with many colleagues. You can trust Dana. She will handle every case skillfully, compassionately, and most of all aggressively in order to maximize the case's value.  She is committed to earning both the client and referring attorney's praise. 

  • We Reflect on You. Dana places the utmost importance on safeguarding the interests and reputations of referring attorneys.  You can rest assured that your clients will receive he same level of dedication, professionalism, and responsiveness as they would from you. 

  • Client Service.  Dana is committed to maintaining a small docket, which helps ensure all of our clients receive the individualized attention they deserve. 

  • Great Results. Through aggressive representation and technological efficiency, Dana reaches a fair and timely settlement in most cases. 

  • Litigation- Focused.  Dana has the knowledge and experience necessary to treat every case as if it were going to trial. 

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