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What We Believe In: Clients

Charleston Halos

Volunteer Attorney

Dana served as a volunteer attorney at Charleston Halos to help kinship caregivers of abused and neglected children.


Green Girl Living


Dana teamed up with her close friend, Rachael, to open Green Girl Living, an online store that sells environmentally conscious products that are hand-made by Dana and Rachael.


Direct Examination

Guest Speaker

Dana posed with some of her closest friends from law school, after recording an episode of Direct Examination:  A South Carolina Law Podcast.


National Center for Civil and Human Rights


Dana was profoundly moved when she travelled to Atlanta, Georgia to visit the National Center for Civil and Human Rights Museum.


2016 Women's March


In 2016, Dana was compelled by her commitment to equality for women to attend the Women's March in Washington, DC.


Emily's List


Dana was invited to attend the Emily's List reception at the 2016 Democratic Party National Convention in celebration of women breaking through the glass ceiling.


Charleston School of Law Alumni Association

Board of Directors Member

Dana was honored to serve on the BOD for her alma mater


Emerge South Carolina

Founding Supporter

Dana renewed her commitment to advancing women in politics as a founding supporter of Emerge South Carolina.


Animal Advocacy


Dana is devoted to her pups and a faithful supporter of many local rescues.

Our Case Manager, Amanda, is also a devout animal-lover, and fosters for Carolina Coonhound Rescue, in Charleston, SC. 


Transgender Rights

Attorney Advocate

Dana is proud of her work as an attorney advocate for transgender rights in the Family Courts of South Carolina.


Independent Artists


Living in the Park Circle neighborhood of North Charleston, SC gives Dana an opportunity to explore a variety of local and independent artists.


The Center for Heirs Property Preservation

Board of Directors, President

Heirs property is a major concern in South Carolina. Dana strongly believes that families should have a fair chance to keep their families' land and build generational wealth.


Charleston Pro Bono Legal Services

Volunteer Attorney

Dana passionately supports Charleston Pro Bono Legal Services.  As a volunteer attorney, she has helped fulfill their mission to ensure that the doors of justice are open to all, regardless of income. Also, Dana and Attorney Gregory Forman co-authored the guide - Family Court 101: How to Represent Yourself in Family Court, which they presented to members of the community in a seminar intended to provide practical experience and training to pro se litigants. 


The Kennedy Forum

I have never abused drugs.  Still, drug abuse is as much of a factor in shaping who I am now as was law school or anything that I have achieved.  My brother and I grew up in a loving home, knowing we were the center of our dad's universe.  We also knew our dad fought the demons of addiction, which feed on poverty, chronic pain, and depression.  

As my brother and I came of age, my brother utilized what he had learned, what he had seen done to ease his own depression.  He was 26 when he died from a drug overdose.  My dad, heartbroken by the loss of my brother and his body wrecked from his own years of drug abuse, died just a short time later.  

Loving someone who is addicted to drugs is one of the hardest things you will ever do.  You know they are always on the edge of a dangerous cliff.  All you want is to help them back to a clean & sober life, back to their potential.  I believe with all of my heart that if my brother had been able to receive mental health care for depression and substance abuse he would still be here today.  The same may also be true for my dad.  They both died too young from an illness that is treatable with the proper resources.  

I support The Kennedy Forum, because they are working to lift the stigma of mental health and substance abuse, and to require insurance companies to pay for treatment, including enforcement of The Federal Parity Law, which requires most insurers to cover illnesses of the brain, such as depression and addiction, no more restrictively than illnesses of the body, such as diabetes or cancer.  


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