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Get to Know Our Team

Dana Adkins, Trial Attorney


An unbreakable advocate.

Dana is a sophisticated player with a bit of street fighter in her.  She argues on behalf of our clients with an intellect that is as tall as she is not. Her dad always said she is smart like a fox.  

Her list of accomplishments is ridiculously impressive, like compelling an auto insurance company to re-write their policy to include underinsured motorist coverage after a catastrophic motorcycle wreck.  Not to mention she was a Molecular Biologist before she went to law school, and was the first person in her family to graduate from college.  

Dana has a distinctively lively personality and is aggressively passionate about the things she believes in.  But, if you want to wear her down, just mention her two pups and she'll turn into putty.  While her roots are in WV, Dana's called Charleston home for more than 20 years.  

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Crystal Santamaria, Paralegal


A Smiling Assassin 

Crystal embodies the perfect combination of absolute loveliness, the sharpest of intellects, and a deep social conscience. She doesn't miss a thing and digs deep when it comes to the intricacies of the law, producing perfectly formed answers that a normal person could only unearth with an excavator.

Crystal looks after our clients with extreme efficiency and a smile that's been declared a National Treasure.  She's also the one ticking all the boxes as documents and dollars fly in every direction. 

Every day Crystal proves that she really can do it all - just ask about her kids and she'll beam with pride.  While she calls Spartanburg home now, Crystal holds her heritage close to heart and is always available to help our Spanish-speaking clients feel at home.  

Who We Are: About
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